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News and Announcements

2024-03-15: slscart release 10.46.0

2023-07-30: slscart release 10.45.1

2023-05-20: slscart release 10.45.0

2023-04-15: slscart release 10.44.1

2023-02-04: slscart release 10.44.0

2022-08-04: What are breadcrumbs?

2020-12-05: Email deliverability

2020-04-20: Clicking on View All link shows nothing

2020-02-23: Moving to a new server

2019-11-05: blog schema and blog entry schema

2019-09-24: Mals affiliate program

2019-04-10: Using slscart as a CMS

2019-04-10: Horde email client

2019-02-18: KB: Using TinyPNG to slim down image sizes

2019-02-16: KB: How to add a floating image box

2019-01-18: How blog tags work

2018-10-30: KB: How to add text around an image

2018-10-24: KB: How to fill in alt text when adding an image

2018-10-06: KB: Intra page navigation

2018-10-06: KB: Create an unspammy email

2018-09-10: How to optimize an image

2018-09-09: How to create a custom menu

2018-09-09: Blog: No more UseDesc field

2018-08-03: Features per version chart

2018-08-03: How to set up the blog gallery

2018-08-03: How to set up the alert banner

2018-07-05: KB: How slscart handles images

2018-05-10: Blog: Pages, kb, faq, articles, and blog differences

2018-03-29: Blog: replying to a blog comment

2018-03-14: Blog: Web site pages explained

2018-03-07: How to center the logo image