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How to create a custom menu

Available 10.8.0

The custom menu feature was designed for a complete custom menu. The menu can be vertical or horizontal.

Each menu entry has to be fully specified.

The menu can have one level of submenus.

Template include codes



Custom menu settings

The custom menu settings are in Administration > Custom Menus.

Click 'Add' button to add a custom menu entry.

A menu can be made a child of a menu entry by indenting it.

To delete a menu entry, click the 'Delete' button next to it.

Adding a custom menu entry

Title - Enter in the title. This will be the wording for the menu entry.

Parent - If the menu entry will be a child of a menu entry, select the parent, otherwise leave it as None.

URL - Enter in the entire URL.

Active - Yes means the menu entry will show up, No means it will not.

Click 'Add Menu Entry' button to save your work.

Custom menu attributes

A horizontal custom menu can have a menu separator (uses | to separate menu entries).