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How to optimize images

The first question is: why should I optimize an image?

Search engines, Google among them, penalize web sites for slow performance. A common impediment is having large, unoptimized images. They take up a lot of room and are slow to download, especially on mobile devices.

There are many sites that offer optimizing images. One of them is

Go to website.

Drag-and-drop your image you want into the dotted box.

Image compression start

After a little bit,

Image compression finished.

Click 'download' to download the compressed image to your computer. In this case, there was a 91% savings in image size. Most of the ones I have done have about a 50% to 70% savings in image size.

Here is a tool that can determine how much time and size optimizing images on a web page:

Just enter the URL of the web page to analyze. If the analyzer times out, then most likely the web page has too many images or it loads very slow...time to start optimizing the images on that page! Sometimes, trying it again works.

Other tools

1. SSH –
2. SSH –
4. GUI –