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Using TinyPNG to slim down image sizes

Google ranks websites, among other things, on how fast they load into the browser. One of the major culprits in a slow website is images, especially large ones. Many images can be slimmed down without noticeable loss of clarity...some up to 75%! One free website that does this is TinyPNG. It is very easy to use, too.

Visit TinyPNG

How to trim the size of an image:

1. Go to TinyPNG website. Click on the link above.

2. Just drag-and-drop an image (or images) in the box labeled "Drop your png or jpg files here!"

3. TinyPNG will optimize them and provide a download link for the optimized version. PNG and JPG (jpeg) images are allowed.

Note that metadata is stripped out of the optimized image file (but not the original).

When we talk about the size of an image, we are speaking of the amount of space it takes up on a disk.