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How to set up the alert banner

Setup instructions for the alert banner.

Alert banner setup

1. Add tic %BANNER% just after <body> in the template.

2. Make sure the tic %STYLE_LOWER% is just above </body> in the template.

3. In Administration > Extras under Alert Banner, enter in the text the banner will display.

4. In Web Sites > Fonts & Colors enter in the Banner Text (color of banner text) and Banner Bkgd (background color of the alert banner). Defaults are #FFFFFF (white text) and #008000 (green background color).

5. In Administration > Extras under Alert Banner, set Enable to Yes.

 Don't forget to save the changes.

Here is an example of an alert banner. Note the X on the right side. Clicking on the X closes the banner.

Alert banner example (green background with white text)

For version 10.9.0 and later

The alert banner text can be a URL. Also, the close X can be hidden so the banner cannot be closed.

Disable Close - If Yes then the X on the right is not available and the banner cannot be closed except for store admin.

URL: - If you want the banner wording to be a clickable URL, enter the URL here.

Alert banner FAQ

Q: Why doesn't the banner show up?

A: Here is a list of possible reasons the banner does not show up or the text does not display.