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Intra page navigation

Available starting in slscart 10.9.0.

The intra page navigation is designed to link user-defined pages together so they read like a book. There are two navigation links: next and prev. Generally, the first page has its 'Show link:' set to yes and all others in the sequence are set to no.


Catalog Setup

if you want to look at the (upcoming) prev, next dropdowns and the intra page nav setting in Catalog Setup. If Page Intra Nav: is set to None then the Prev Page and Next Page do not show up when adding or editing a page.

None = no intra page navigation.  Note that setting it to None does not erase any Prev Page or Next Page settings on any page.

Both = prev and next navigation links are above and below the page's contents.

Bottom = navigation links are below the page's contents.

Top = navigation links are above the page's contents.

Intra page navigation settings

Edting a Page

Each user-defined page will have Prev Page: and Next Page: dropdowns. The dropdowns are a list of all user-defined pages. In the following example, the next page in the sequence would be Page 2 page. If Page Intra Nav: is set to None, Prev Page: and Next Page: dropdowns will not appear.

Store admin intra page navigation


You'll see that 3 pages are linked together via Next, Prev links. They can appear on top, bottom, or both - or not at all. This is set on a global basis in Catalog Setup.
The links are set on a per-page basis. There are 2 dropdowns (Prev and Next) on a page so you can select the previous and next page. If the intra navigation method is set to 'none' then the 2 dropdowns don't appear because it is assumed the intra nav is not being used.