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How blog tags work

Blog tags are a form of classification, like categories. A blog entry is identified by a set of tags, much like keywords. A viewer can click on a tag and find all blog entries associated with the tag.


Tags are like word indexes. Click on a tag and all the posts with the particular tag are listed in chronological order. The tags are listed in alphabetical order. Only blog entries that have been published are included in the tags.


Site Extras > blog

To display all the tags used, the number of times they are used, and the ability to delete them, click on 'Manage Tags' button.

To add a tag, click on the blog entry you want to add the tag to and enter it in the Tags field. To add more than one tag, separate each one by a comma.

To delete a specific tag from all blog entries that contain it, click on 'Show Tags' button then click 'Delete' next to the tag you wish to delete. You will be asked 'Are you sure?'. Answer 'Yes' to delete the tag, 'No' to not delete it.

To delete a tag from a specific blog entry, delete the tag in the Tags field then click the 'Save' button.

Manage Tags

Manage tags shows the tag, the number of times the tag is used, and the description. Actions are delete tag, edit tag, and add a new tag. When a tag is deleted, it is deleted from all blog entries.

A tag's description is used as the tag's meta description.

Administration > blog settings

Enable tags: If checked, the blog tags are enabled.

Show tags: If checked, a blog entry's tags will be shown at the bottom of the article.


Q: Will search engines find tags useful?

Yes. The search engines can use tags to further classify the blog entry.