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Setting up webmail client Horde

Horde is one of the email clients that is available on webmail.

One of the problems is Horde defaults to striking out (putting a line through) a deleted email rather than moving it to trash. To change this behavior:

1. Go to your Horde webmail

2. Hover on gear icon, preferences, then choose Mail

3. Under Messages heading, click on Deleting and Moving Messages

4. Check the box: Move deleted messages to your Trash mailbox...

5. click on Save

Now when emails are deleted, they will go to Trash. Old emails that have been deleted, i.e. have lines through them, will have to be redeleted so they move to Trash.

This will have to be done for every email address.

BTW, the roundcube email client, which is what I use, defaults to putting deleted emails in the Trash.