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Feature per version chart

This table shows the pertinent features of slscart and what version. Some of the features have clickable links for further explanation.

Version Feature
10.28.0 Moved 'forgot password' link to blog login screen
  You can login to blog either by email address or user id
10.27.0 Tools menu
  KB entry can have its own password
  Duplicate catalog number detector
  If admin email address changes, a notification email can be sent to old and new addresses
10.26.0 Show which categories are using custom item sort
10.25.0 Show blog comments in ascending or descending order
  Automatically close blog comments N days after last comment
  Time limit on answering new blog post unsubscribe
  Last login date shown when listing wishlist or registry people
10.24.0 slscart PHP 7.4 ready
10.23.0 Security improvements on blog password
10.22.0 Articles schema
10.21.0 Blog schema
  Blogpost schema
  Blog entry password capability
10.20.0 Consolidate security settings and put in store admin
10.19.0 Organization schema
  reCaptcha v3
10.18.0 Site reviews
  KB can have custom wording in search bar
10.17.0 Unique breadcrumb titles, breadcrumb separator
  KB can have its own image directory
10.16.0 The Bing site verification code can be entered in storeadmin
  All storeadmin login attempts can be captured
10.15.0 A page has the option not to show site message
  Product can have its own breadcrumb title
  storeadmin blog can have a default category
  Search results now show the keywords that were searched for
10.14.0 Many SEO features for blog tags and categories
10.13.0 Blog: now has tags taxonomy
  Can enter Google verification code
10.12.0 Blog can show number of posts in a category
  An alert can be sent to the admin for all storeadmin logins
10.11.0 KB can have breadcrumbs
  During update, site is put into/out of maintenance mode automatically
10.10.0 Pages can have content below
10.9.0 Page intra navigation
  Alert banner
10.8.0  Custom menus
  Slideshow for pages
10.7.0 Blog: added blog gallery
  Added customizable alert banner
  Individual articles, KB, blog entry can have their own unique meta titles
  Blog: added newer, older post navigation on blog entry
10.6.0 Blog: added ability to specify widget order
  Improved 2-factor security
10.5.4 Template: added tic %SITE_NAMELINK%
  Improved security
10.5.3 Improved security
  Review: now has 3 options: required, optional, or none
  Social: added facebook product share
10.5.2 slscart now PHP 7.2 ready
  View cart link available in horz page navigation
  Blog: meta menu now vertical
  Blog: home page has its own text color
10.5.1 Blog: add static pages
  Blog: store admin can reply to user comment
  Blog: simplify and improve commenting
  Blog: list categories horz or vertically
10.5.0 Wish list
  Shopping list
  Registry: better security
  Admin forgot password has better security
10.4.11 KB: optional search bar
10.4.10 Blog only search bar
10.4.9 Able to enter in a different page navigation and page title.
  Use Mals discount coupon selector
10.4.8 Added knowledgebase (hierarchial articles)
10.4.7 Custom category sort now has no limits
10.4.6 Added datepicker for all date entries (e.g. gift registry event date)
  Added show/no show blog post date on blog home page
  A product's text or memo option can be made so that an entry must be made (i.e. cannot be blank)
10.4.5 Added %CATEGORY_LOWERDESC% - put text, et al below the category's products
  Delete a blog category
  Delete a pending blog comment
  Ability to put custom PHP code into a page
  New blog acct has click-to-verify email link sent to new user
10.4.4 Categories now have meta description field
Added %..._DROPMENU% template insert codes
  View Cart link now available in horizontal menus (at either end)
10.4.3 12 images available for a product (instead of 5)
  SMS (texting) added to 2 factor login
  Wholesale login has advanced hacker protection
  Added social media URLs
  Added blog comments closed date
  Added %%CATALOG_NUM%% layout code so the catalog number can be displayed
  If just a URL is entered in the category's Description: field, that URL will show up as the category
  Added Extras page in storeadmin (SMTP settings, SMS 2 factor settings, captcha settings, copyright start date)
  Added advanced encryption
10.4.2 Added setting of Google analytics ID. Analytics code automatically created in store.
  Soft store maintenance mode
  Temporary inventory feature
  'View All' link when category has more than one page of items
10.4.1 Added separate blog image directory
  Added %STYLE_LOWER% template insert code
  Improved secure digital download user interface in storeadmin
10.4.0 Added blog
  Able to check for valid email domain in store's forms (mitigates spam)
10.3.4 Added custom sorting of a category's product list (for up to 10 categories)
  Expanded creating favicon for nearly all desktop and mobile devices
10.3.3 Added secure digital download add-on
10.3.2 Can use SendGrid to handle sending email
  Improved photo gallery
10.3.1 Can always show remaining inventory, regardless of its level
10.3.0 Each large product image can have its own alt image text
Added reCAPTCHA as an option for securing store forms
  Store admin uses the computer's default font (for clarity)
  Store can choose to use device's default font (desktop and mobile). Gives excellent clarity.
  Web fonts can be used in store
  Hard maintenance mode
Add your own custom web fonts
10.1 Converted storeadmin to use HTML5
  Products can have 5 images instead of 3
Added secure store and storeadmin (an SSL certificate is required)
  Added (optional) links to Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest on the product page
  Extended passwords to 50 characters 2 factor authentication (via email) for store admin login
10.0.0 Initial release