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Maintenance Mode

There are two types of maintenance modes for a store: soft and hard.

Soft maintenance mode shows a maintenance message, written by the admin, on the store. This is good to use if the store will be unavailable for a period of time, such as going on vacation.

 Hard maintenance mode shows a message for the store and the storeadmin.

Soft maintenance mode

Starting in 10.4.2

In storeadmin > Site Settings > Maintenance, enter in the maintenance mode message. Since a full featured editor is being used, pictures can also be entered.

Click 'Update Variables' to save and enable maintenance mode.

To disable maintenance mode, delete everything in the Maintenance:

Hard maintenance mode

Starting in 10.3.0

In the config.php file, add this line to enable maintenance mode:

define('SLC_MAINTENANCE', true);

A message will appear for the store and storeadmin:

This site is undergoing maintenance. It should be back up soon

will appear. To disable, change true to false:

define('SLC_MAINTENANCE', false);