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Starting with version 10.4.0, blogging capabilities are present in slscart. These are notes about how blogging works from an administrator's perspective. Some features may have been added in later versions.

To enable the blog, go into Site Extras > Blog and activate Blog.

See blog store for documentation on the blog from a customer's perspective.

Blog Admin FAQ

Q: How do I add a header image to the top of my blog?

There are two ways to do this:

1. If your template has %PAGE_TITLE% in it, then in Web Site > Pages > blog a header image can be uploaded. The image uses the Page Title: as its alt text. And, since %PAGE_TITLE% is used, the page's Page Title: contents will appear on every page. Also, the %PAGE_TITLE% can be surrounded by the <h1> tag. The image's alt text will be used for the page's H1 (from a search engine point of view).

2. If not using %PAGE_TITLE% then a blog header image can be put in the blog page's Content: field as the first thing. When adding the image, the alt text, named Image description, can be entered. Below the image the text for H1 can be entered, along with a short description of what the blog is about.

Q: How do I add a blog title, image, and a paragraph on what the blog is about at the blog's home page?

Go to the blog page in storeadmin > Site Extras > Blog and click on 'Contents' link (at the bottom). This brings you to the blog page. All the verbiage ented in Content: field will show up at the top of your blog home page.

Q: How do I approve a blog comment?

Click on 'Activate Cmt' link. It will show a dropdown of all comments that have not been approved. Select the one you wish to activate and click 'Enable comment' button.


Action Alerts

These will appear if there is something to do.

Blog Entries

Use this area to manage the blog and blog entries.


Blog Pages

A blog page has no comments, no displayed post date, and no category. Pages reside first on the blog home page.

Additional Commands