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How slscart blogging works

The slscart blog is a simple way to convey pertinent information to customers. Since the blog is directly part of the store's domain, it provides link juice to the store. Also, the comment feature allows valuable feedback from readers.

Only the store administrator or one of the staff can post a blog entry.

Blog Entries

Blog entries are listed in descending order, according to the time they were posted (i.e. newest one first).

Clicking on a blog entry will display the contents and its category (if one exists), and if enabled, comments.

A blog entry can have its own password. No one can read it unless they enter in the password.

Blog static pages

Blog static pages are pages that have no publish date, no comment section, no category, and no publisher. They are generally used as informational pages.

Blog search

This is an optional feature, set by the store admin. A search bar is displayed on the blog home page. Searching is restricted to blog entries.

Blog categories

Categories, if any, are listed alphabetically on the blog home page. Click on a category and only the blog entries for that category will be displayed. If a category does not have any active blog entries associated with it, the category will not be listed.

Blog tags

Tags are like word indexes. Click on a tag and all the posts with the particular tag are listed in chronological order. The tags are listed in alphabetical order.

Blog commenting

The blog is set up (by the website administrator) to require an account before leaving a comment or set up so anyone can leave a comment by filling out a form or allow no comments at all. The menus only appear if one must have an account to comment.

Comments are enumerated chronologically with oldest one being first.

Must have an account

A person can leave a comment if they have an account established. This is done primarily to reduce spam postings.

A menu is presented if you are not signed in:

Sign in | Forgot Password | New Account

If signed in the following menu appears:

Sign out | Edit Account | Change Password

If the admin creates a comment account using the same email as the store admin, a Reply link will show up under each comment so the admin can reply to the commenter.

Menus explained

Not signed in

Sign in - person signs in after creating an account. User name and password required.

Forgot Password - if you forgot your password, fill in user name and email address associated with your account and instructions will be sent to the email address on how to get a new password.

New Account - fill out the form to create a new account.

signed in

Sign out - sign out of your account

Change Password - change the password on your account

Edit Account - allows one to change account fields.

No account necessary

The commenter needs to enter name, valid email address, and a comment. The comment is put into pending and activated upon review.

If the admin is logged in to the store admin, a Reply link will show up under each comment so the admin can reply to the commenter.

Blog schema

Schemas are used by search engines to improve the way they see your site. In this case, blog and blog entry.

The blog's home page uses a blog schema.

Each blog entry uses a blogpost schema.