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Custom Sort Products in a Category

Custom category sorting allows the store admin to set the product display order to something other than what is available under Catalog Setup > Product Order:

Help Contents

Since version 10.26.0

Limit of 10 categories that can have custom sorting. The custom sort can be disabled/enabled without deleting custom sort order.

Since version 10.4.7

No limits on the number of categories that can have custom sorting.

Since version 10.3.4

Limit of 10 categories that can have custom sorting

The product name and its custom sort number are displayed. The products are displayed highest sort number to lowest.

If custom sort is in effect and it is set to No in a category, all products associated with the category will have  the custom sort number set to 0 and global product sorting (set in Administration tab > Catalog Setup >  Product Order)  will be used.

How to Set up Custom Sorting for a Category

  1. Edit the category you want to custom sort
  2. Set 'Custom Sort:' to Yes and save it (click 'Edit Category')
  3. Edit the category. Next to Custom Sort: is a link that says custom sort. Click on it.
  4. A screen will appear with all the items for this category. Set the sort number for them. The higher the sort number, the closer to the beginning of the category's page it will be.
  5. Save the settings
  6. On the website, click on the category that was custom sorted. The products will appear, highest custom sort number to the lowest.

If you want to turn off custom sorting, set custom sorting, under the category, to 'No' and save the setting. This will set all the custom sort numbers for this category's products back to 0 and the global sorting method (under  Administration >  Catalog Setup > Product Order) will prevail.