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How to add adjacent text to an image

Adding text next to an image

Putting an image on the left and adding text to the right and below it.

1. Insert image and fill in 'Image description'

2. Click on image to select it.

3. Under Format, select 'Image Left'

4. Click to the right of the image and fill in text that is to be next to image. To go to a new line, hit Shift and Enter at same time.

5. For the text to appear below the image, type in some text and put the cursor on the text (does not matter where...perhaps after the first or second letter).

6. Under Formats select Clear Left. The text should jump below the image.

If you need to adjust the white space around the image.

1. Click on the image to select it.

2. Click on the insert/edit image icon. It should be highlighted.

3. Click on Advanced tab.

The default margin (white space) around the image is: margin: 0px 10px 0px 10px;

The first entry is white space on top of the image.

second entry is whitespace to the right.

third entry is whitespace below.

last entry is whitespace to the left.

Change the numbers to fit your need and save the changes by clicking Ok. For example, if you want more white space to the left of the image:

margin: 0px 10px 0px 35px;

makes 35 pixels of white space to the left of the image.