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How to use slscart as a CMS

slscart has content management system capabilities.

CMS Features

These are activated in the storeadmin under Extras


blog - start your own blog

blog gallery - this is a nice blog feature.

event calendar - post upcoming events on a calendar

faq - generate a frequently asked questions page

guest book - guest book for visitors to sign in


photo gallery - a nice place to show off pictures

web links - your favtorite places to visit on the web

These are under Web Site


These are under Administration

custom menus


social media links

These are under Administration > Extras

alert banner - generate an alert banner

These are under Administration > Site Settings

site message - send a message to every page on the site


linked pages - set up some pages to read like a book

multiple templates - slscart allows multiple templates for one site. One page can use a particular template and another page can use a different one.


The basic setup turns off features associated with shopping and the shopping cart.

1. (Pages > Catalog) Turn off shopping cart link. Note that Catalog cannot be deactivated.

2. (Catalog setup) Turn off

3. (Site Extras) Deactivate the following as these are related to the shopping cart


1. Use %SEARCH_SITE% instead of %SEARCH_CATALOG% in the template.