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Photo Gallery Management

The photo gallery is designed to display pictures and/or videos in a sequential manner. It is not designed to show a particular product, though it could be. Note there is an image gallery option in slscart to do this on a product level.

How to use the photo gallery.

Enable or Disable Photo Gallery

To enable or disable the photo gallery:

1. Go into storeadmin

2. Click on Pages

3. If the Photo Gallery menu link is not displayed, click on activate next to Photo Gallery. A Photo Gallery button will appear on your website. The webpage may have to be refreshed to show the new button.

4. If you want the Photo Gallery button to not display, click deactivate next to Photo Gallery. Note that nothing is deleted; just the Photo Gallery button is not displayed.

Manage your pictures

In storeadmin under images, select the Gallery image Directory dropdown and click on Show Images button.

To add a picture, click on browse button and navigate to the image you want to add to the gallery. Click on Add button and the image will be added to the gallery.

To delete a picture from the gallery, click on Del next to the picture. A verification screen will show then click Yes button to delete the picture.

For best results, the pictures should be the same width and height.