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Photo Gallery Management

The photo gallery is designed to display pictures in a sequential manner. It is not designed to show a particular product, though it could be.

Activate the Photo Gallery

The photo gallery needs to activated in order to show up in the web store. To enable or disable the photo gallery:

1. Go into storeadmin then Site Extras > Photo gallery

2. Click on Activate button to activate photo gallery, Deactivate button to deactivate it. Note that no photos or thumbnails are deleted when Photo Gallery is activated or deactivated.

3. Click on the Contents button to take you to the Photo Gallery page where the normal page functions are, such as Show Title? and Page Title.

Manage your gallery photos

In storeadmin, under Web Site > Images on the Image List box, select the Gallery Image Directory dropdown and click on Show Images button. The photo gallery's images are displayed. Click on a thumbnail to show the full photo.

To add a picture, click on browse button and navigate to the image you want to add to the gallery. Click on Add button and the image will be added to the gallery. A thumbnail is also created.

To delete a picture from the gallery, click on Del next to the picture. A verification screen will show then click Yes button to delete the picture. The thumbnail is also deleted. Note that if all photos are deleted, an empty gallery is still displayed in the Photo Gallery.

For best results, the pictures should be the same width and height. All the sample pictures are 640px x 480px.

The photos are displayed top row first then next row, etc. At this time there is no way to move the images around.


Click on the ? in the upper right corner for a brief description of each page setting.