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After Installation

Here are some tasks to perform after installation of slscart. Most are optional.

1. The following tasks are done in the Mals account:

  1. Set up Mals shopping cart

2. The following tasks are done in the store admin:

  1. Set store timezone
  2. Set store font
  3. Set store email address
  4. Set store email name
  5. Set home page and catalog product display
  6. Set up SMTP (sending email)
  7. Create link to your email program

3. The following tasks are done in the store:

  1. Create a store privacy, refund, and terms of service page

2. Storeadmin Updates

These are set in storeadmin.

2.1 Set the store's time zone

This is located in storeadmin > Administration.

Common time zones are America/Los_Angeles (PST), America/Denver (MST), America/Chicago (CST), America/New_York (EST).

2.2 Set your store's font

Under storeadmin > Administration > Fonts & Colors

The font selection starting with --apple is good for all devices (desktop and mobile) and loads fast. Learn more about native fonts. If you want to focus on mobile devices and readability, Open Sans and Droid Sans are good choices.

Additional fonts can also be added to slscart.

All available fonts, including additional fonts, can be seen by clicking on Administration > Show Fonts

2.3 Set your store's administration email address

The admin email is used in contact us, wholesale. It is best to use an email that is in the domain of your store. For example, sales @ for a store using the domain

2.4 Set your store's email address name

This is the 'from' email name. The default is 'Admin'. Some suggestions are your store's name or store's name - Admin.

2.5 Set catalog page and home page product display

In storeadmin > Web Site > Pages > Home edit or Catalog edit then choose Show Products: selection

On the home page and catalog page, you can show product categories, a few products, or no products. These will display just under the page content. You may display new products (items entered most recently, according to the Date Entered: field on the first page of a product being edited), featured products (if you have some selected) or sale products (items with a sale price). You may also display a list of categories in a single column, in three columns or five columns. If you do not wish to display either products or category lists, select "No Display".

2.6 Set up your site to use SMTP outgoing mail instead of regular mail.

Starting in version 10.4.3 the settings moved from the config file to Administration > Extras. Ask your host or webmaster for the correct settings.

2.7 Add a link to your Email program

Add a link to an email client such as your cpanel email or a 3rd party such as gmail or Yahoo. See the Add email client link for more details.

3. Store tasks

3.1 Store pages to create

Create a store privacy, refund, and terms of service page.