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Adding an Email Client Link to your Store Admin

This document describes how to add a link to a web-based email client so it can be accessed from the store admin.

Note the email client will only work reliably when the email is on the same domain as it is set up.

Email Client Setup

For version 10.? and later

Instead of filling out an entry in the config file, the email client link can be entered via store administration.

In Administration > Extras, enter in the email link then save the changes by clicking 'Update Variables' button.

Here are some popular email client links:

Once set, Administration > Email will take you to the email link.

For version 10.? and before

In the config file add the following line at the bottom, if it is not already present:

define('SLC_EMAIL_LINK', ''); 

When populated with an email link, an 'Email' link will appear in the storeadmin under Administration tab.

Generic webmail login

This will take you to your webmail login. Once logged in you can choose between email readers.

define("SLC_EMAIL_LINK", "");

The servers we use have roundcube, squirrelmail, and horde email clients. We like roundcube.

Some secure links to email clients. Change mydomain to your slscart's domain. Note that your domain must have an SSL certificate.

define("SLC_EMAIL_LINK", "");

define("SLC_EMAIL_LINK", "");

define("SLC_EMAIL_LINK", "");

Some unsecure links to email clients. We do not recommend using these because the link to each one is unsecure:

define("SLC_EMAIL_LINK", "");

define("SLC_EMAIL_LINK", "");

define("SLC_EMAIL_LINK", "");

Some public domain email clients:

define("SLC_EMAIL_LINK", "");

This is for Hotmail or outlook live.
define("SLC_EMAIL_LINK", "");

define("SLC_EMAIL_LINK", "");


Once SLC_EMAIL_LINK is populated, an email link will appear in storeadmin. Click on 'Email' link in storeadmin to start up email client.

Click on 'Email' link in storeadmin to start up email client.