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How to link pages together

Posted 19 Sept 2019,  Doug DePrenger

This resulted from a customer who wanted to link pages together so they can be read serially.

The first page of the series will have its link show up in the Pages navigation menu on the site.

Starting in slscart 10.9.0 pages have a built-in intra page navigation capability. Click here to read more about it.

Here's how I did it (for versions before 10.9.0):

* This refers to linking together, using Next and Prev, a series of user-created pages.

* Only the first page will have Show Link? = Yes. The rest are set to No.

1. On first page, at the bottom, I entered in Next: page2_link where page2_link is the URL to the next page. When creating the link, I entered in the full URL to the next page. Of course, you can make any navigation  text you want.

2. On all but the last page, I entered in Next: pageN_link  Prev: prevpage_link

3. Last page just the Prev: prevpage_link

You can use images instead of text, put navigation at top or bottom or both.

Note that this idea will become built-in to the pages some time in the future.