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Changes in store admin not showing up on my site

There are many ways that making changes in the store's admin area do not show up on the store. Most likely, the store admin is connected to an old website and the store is connected to the new one. This could happen if the site has been moved from one host to another or one domain to another.

 Listed below are some of the reasons why this scenario may occur. Try them in order. Use your own domain instead of

Are you using an IP address (e.g. 123.434.333.12) to access your site?
Use your site's url (like instead of an IP address
Are you using a temporary url like 123.434.333.12/~mylogin to reach your site?
Use your site's url (like instead of an IP address combination
How are you entering in the url into the browser?
For testing, do not use any shortcuts, favorites, or toolbars. Directly type in your domain (e.g. into the browser and your domain (e.g. to get to your store admin.
Clear your browser's cache
The browser may be using old web pages it has saved in its cache. Each browser, and sometimes the browser's version, are different in the way the cache is cleared.
Ping your domain
Open a command window
Enter in:
There should be no errors.
Try a different computer
Try at a friend's house
Try on a smartphone
The smartphone uses a cell tower, rather than an ISP, to provide internet service. Make sure the smartphone is using the cell tower and not your router (i.e. wifi). Sometimes an ISP can be the source of the problem.
Flush the DNS cache
The DNS cache has your domain stored in it along with its associated IP address
Open a command window
Enter in:
ipconfig  /flushdns
You should get a message saying the DNS was successfully flushed (i.e. cleared)