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Store web pages do not show, or have a 403 or 500 error

If the store's web pages are not appearing correctly after you add them, your server may be viewing the permissions as a decimal value instead of an octal value. To force the server to see these as an octal:

  1. Open the config.php file in the /sbconf/ folder.

  2. Change the lines:

    define("SB_CHMOD_UPDATE", 0777);
    define("SB_CHMOD_FOLDER", 0755);
    define("SB_CHMOD_FILE", 0644);


    define("SB_CHMOD_UPDATE", '0' .decoct(0777));
    define("SB_CHMOD_FOLDER", '0' .decoct(0755));
    define("SB_CHMOD_FILE", '0' .decoct(0644));
  3. Save and reload the file.

  4. If needed, change the permissions of the folder /pages/ to 755 (rwx-rx-rx).

  5. Click 'Refresh Pages' at the bottom of 'Pages', or manually edit any page that isn't viewing correctly and save it (with or without changes) to force the permissions to reset.

It's safe to do this whether your server sees the permissions as decimal or not.