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Favicon Creation

Starting with version 10.4.2, several favicons can be automatically created from a single PNG file to cover most of the browsers and platforms. The images used are not icons but generally png files. An icon is really an image file but can contain more than one image.


16x16 favicon.png

32x32 favicon.png

150x150 mstile png

180x180 apple touch icon png

192x192 Android chrome png

512x512 Android chrome png

Not included

These are not generated by the favicon creation tool but recommended.


This is for old versions of IE and any robots or search engine crawlers that analyze your site. A favicon.ico can easily be created from the same PNG file used to create slscart favicons at this site:

It is kept in the home directory, along with all the other favicons.

Safari svg image

This covers the Mac OS X (desktop) and beyond. The image uses proprietary svg graphics which resides in an .svg file.
<meta> link

Dispersion of favicons

The Android png image(s) are specified in a file called manifest.json. It is kept in the home directory and specified in the web page <header>.

The Windows mstile png image(s) are specified in a file called browserconfig.xml. It is kept in the home directory and specified in the web page <header>.

The Apple touch icon(s) are kept in the home directory and specified in the web page <header>.

Where favicons are used

Windows 8,10: A tile is created on Windows Start page. Open Edge explorer, navigate to the site you want to create a shortcut, click on 3 dots then 'Pin this page to Start'.

Android - An image, used as a shortcut, is placed on the home screen.

slscart Help

Favicons are tiny icons that appear in browser tabs when visitors view your site, and in bookmarks when they save pages on your site. You can upload a favicon here, which will appear on all pages of your site, no matter what template you use , and/or a favicon to be used in the store administration area . Note that favicon loading requires the GD library on your server. If you cannot create favicons, ask the server administrator to enable the GD library, if possible.

Click the 'Browse' button to select an image to be used as your favicon, and click 'Upload Site Favicon' or 'Upload Admin Favicon' to upload that image. This will automatically upload multiple favicons, sized for multiple devices. Note that all images are cropped to a square first, then resized to the appropriate size. Transparent PNG images will remain transparent.

To remove favicons, click 'Remove Favicon'. The icons will be instantly deleted from your site.