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Order Tracking

How to do order tracking. Usually, all you need to do is update the shipping status.


1. In storeadmin, enable the order tracking page under Web Site > Pages. This will put an Order Tracking link on the website.

2. In storeadmin, under E-Store > Orders, find the order you want to update. Click on the order number then make the necessary updates. The shipping status, under Status in upper-right corner, is probably the one you want.

3. Change and click 'Update Order' at the bottom.

The customer uses his email and order number to find out the order status. The email address the customer uses is under Billing Information > Email:  If this field is blank, the customer did not enter an email address when checking out; therefore, cannot access order tracking.


The customer clicks on the Order Tracking link on the website and enters in their email address and order number. The order information will be displayed.


The customer has to enter their email address when checking out. This can be made a mandatory field at Mals.