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How do slscart coupons work?

slscart coupons are managed in the storeadmin in the Advanced area. Coupons can be added, deleted, and modified. Coupon discount is percentage only off the current price (regular or sale).

 A customer enters a coupon code and the discount is effective off any product. The discount is applied at checkout. A coupon can only be used once per order.

Store Administration

Coupons are under Advanced > Coupons.

Coupons are used to give customers a set discount across your store. Use this area to add, edit or delete coupons.

When adding a coupon, enter the following details:

You can add %COUPONS% to your template which shows a place to enter coupon code or send a link which contains the coupon code in the URL. When the code is active, a message will appear showing the discount code (e.g. 5%) which applies to all purchased items. This will stay in effect until the coupon expires. The coupon stays active during the user's session.

Customer Use

A customer can activate the slscart coupon in two ways: by clicking on a special link or entering the coupon code.

Using the link

Customer clicks on the coupon link and shops. The discount is applied whenever an item is added to the cart. Typically, the customer is emailed the link and the discount is for the customer only. Note that when the link is used, the customer does not have to enter a coupon code.

Entering the discount coupon code

When %COUPONS% is used in the template, a prompt to enter a member code will appear.

slscart coupon entry display

The coupon code is entered by the customer which will invoke a site-wide discount. The discount is applied when the customer adds an item to the shopping cart.

Note these coupons are not related to Mals coupons.