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slscart organization schema

Organization schema, a part of what is known as structured data, is designed to provide search engines with additional information about your store. In many cases, an enhanced search result can appear. Adding organizational schema to slscart using website, organization name, contact information, and social media profiles.

Organization schema is only available on the home page. The following is a list of organizational schema entries that need to be filled in.

name: the site name is used

url: your homepage url.

logo: path to site logo. If logo in images, use it.

social media profiles: links to your company's social media. Included are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, MySpace, Pinterest, Twitter, Wikipedia, and YouTube.

socialname: name of organization social profile

Entering organization information

Organization data is entered in the storeadmin.

Organization name is the Company entry on the Administration > Site Settings page.

Organization url is the website url on the Administration > Site Settings page.

Organization logo url is entered on Web Site > Images page.

Social media profiles are on the Administration > Organization page.