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slscart Security Tips and FAQ

Here is a list of ways to keep the slscart store and admin area more secure.

1. Do not use 'admin' as a user name. Most hackers know that 'admin' is a popular user id so don't give them an edge.

2. Do not keep any database backups on the server. Download the backup immediately after making one to your computer then delete it off the server.

3. Use https for storeadmin and the store. This keeps someone from seeing what is sent to/from the storeadmin and store (like a password). An SSL certificate for your domain is required for this.

4. Use a strong password. Test your password's strength using slscart's Test Password under Administration

5. Enable and use two step verification (two factor authentication). This makes it much harder for someone to hack the store admin login.

Security frequently asked questions

Q: How do I know my site, and when an order is placed, is secure?

A: Whever your are on your site, a green padlock should show up in the browser's URL. This means everything sent to/from the website's server is over a secure connection, including data, images, css files, and javascript files. When an order is made, once the order is on Mal's website (URL contains it should have a green padlock, also. Note that Mals provides the security.