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Frequently asked questions about slscart

Q: I have the site up and running but on the Home page it shows some text and then links to the 3 categories under where the text for the site should be.  It's not in my template and I have no idea where to go to get that off so it is just a blank home page for now.  Any thoughts? 

It appears if there are no products. Once an active product is added, it should go away.

Q: Options don't show in product detail.

 If show order button is off OR out of stock message exists (i.e. product's oos = Yes or)

Q: Set Permissions didn't show up when I did master=y login.

Your master key might have been entered incorrectly.

Q: Old stuff appears after upgrade.

Clear the browser's cache and restart browser.

Q: Why do some products show up on the catalog home page?

Featured products will show up on the catalog home page. If no products are marked as featured, a search bar will show up.

Q: I noticed in the template that %EMAIL_FRIEND% was in there but the email a friend link doesn't show up.

Check the setting Administration > Site Settings. The Email Link: should not be blank. If you put in Email a Friend, that is what text will show up in the email a friend link.