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Increase slscart Performance

Here are several ways on increasing slscart performance. Note that Google is scrutinizing a web site's performance (such as how long it takes for a web page to display) and using it in SEO rankings.

Starting with 10.1.0

1. In the go directory on the server, delete jquery file (e.g. jquery-1.12.3.min.js). slscart will detect this and use a CDN version (which loads faster)

2. To lighten server load and speed up download from server, delete, on server,  tinymce.min.js in storeadmin/tinymce/js/tinymce directory. slscart will detect this and use a version from a CDN.

3. Set to "no" if pages are too slow with GetImageSize function
$use_getimg_size = "yes";

4. Don't enable admin stats

Starting with 10.1.1

1. To lighten server load and speed up download from server, delete  zxcvbn.js in go directory on server. slscart will detect this and use a version from a CDN.

Starting with 10.2.0

No new additions.

Custom .htaccess file

The .htaccess file included with slscart is optimized for operation with slscart. Many enhancements, such as image caching and webpage compression.

Poignant definitions

browser cache - area on disk drive where browser stores items to be used later (so it does not have to fetch it again from the server), such as images, videos, css files, and javascript files.

character set - a list of characters the browser will use to display a web page.

Character Encoding

This sets the character set of the web site.

Custom Error Page

This is one place that may have to be customized for a particular web site. It defines the path to the web page to display if the browser cannot find a requested web page.

File Access

This is a security feature. It prevents people from viewing the contents of each folder on the server.


This is where the server is instructed on what files to compress for faster delivery to the browser (the browser uncompresses the files). Included are css files, javascript files, html files, php files. Note that images, videos, and audio files are generally not compressed because compression would not amount to any gain.

Expires Headers

This section sets the time when the browser will fetch another copy of an item from the server. This takes time and it is much more efficient for the browser to fetch an item from its cache.


Vary: Accept-Encoding enhances performance.

Starting with 10.3.0

1. For the store font style (under fonts & colors in storeadmin)  choose the one that starts with '-apple-system'. This is a list of default  system fonts for many devices and operating systems. They load faster than specifying a single font and load much faster than a web font. Also, the system font for the device looks best on that device.