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Instant Inventory Control

An optional inventory checker temporarily removes inventory as a customer orders it. This greatly decreases the chance of overordering. It will not completely eliminate oversells, but can be used to more efficiently limit one of a kind items. Please note that using this system will mean that the inventory counts are temporarily decremented as soon as a customer adds an item to the cart, keeping another customer from ordering that item. Therefore, decreased sales should be expected when using this modification.

To use the instant inventory control system, rename the file 'tempinv_file.php' in the /go/ folder to 'tempinv.php'.

You may also update the following variables in the tempinv.php page:

$delete_minutes = 60;
$self_minutes = 5;

The 'delete_minutes' variable shows how long items other users have added to their carts will remain temporarily out of stock before it is released.

The 'self_minutes' variable shows how long an item that the customer added to the cart will remain temporarily out of stock until it is released.