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Make Page Title Different than Menu

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Problem: A page's page title is used as the menu display. How can I customize it?

Solution: Write your own page title.

We'll use the Articles page as an example.

The default page name for the articles page is 'Articles' and is used as the menu display if Show Titles is 'Yes'. The title 'Articles' shows up if the %PAGE_TITLE% is used in the template. Many times, the page title is wrapped in the <h1> tag.

Let's say your site is about fishing and you want to write articles about fishing and give tips about it. To change the title to 'Fishing Ideas and Tips', set Show Titles to 'No'. Edit the page and put as the first line in Contents: Fishing Ideas and Tips. This will show up as the page title.

 If you wish to make it the <h1> tag, highlight it and select Format >Headings >  Heading 1. This wraps 'Fishing Ideas and Tips' as the H1 title.

The page's Page Title 'Articles' is used as the menu selection verbiage and 'Fishing Ideas and Tips' is used as the main title (H1) on the articles web page.