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Email Troubleshooting

Email troubleshooting tips for slscart.

Emails sent from contact us, gift registry, etc, do not arrive.
1. In store admin, run Test Email and see if the test email arrives to the admin email.

2. Check the email spam or junk mail folder

3. Log in to your cpanel account. Make sure
- DKIM is enabled
- SPF is enabled

4. Most likely the admin email address being used that is not part of the store's domain (e.g. The default is the admin email address is used as the from address.
Most public email systems check to see the domain from where the email was sent matches the domain in the 'from' email. For example, the admin email is sent from your store's domain (e.g. me @ but the email used as the 'from' email is from another domain (e.g. me @ - the domains do not match; hence the receiving email is rejected. Note some email services actually check the entire 'from' email address is valid.
Here is a link to Yahoo. Yahoo could not verify the email came from a legitimate sender so it was rejected. Most public email providers have similar handling:

slscart has two ways to fix this:
1. The store admin's email should have the same domain as your store's domain. For example, if your store is then your store admin's Admin Email should be something like OR
2. Create an email address on your store's domain (via cpanel). Add this email address entry as the Alt Email in store admin > Administration > Alt Email:
slscart will use this email as the 'from' email when sending email.
Where do I find emails that do not arrive?
1. They could be in the catch-all email. Emails that had trouble being delivered can appear here.
Login to your site's cpanel
Click on Email Accounts
Near the bottom, under Default Email Account, click on Access Webmail
2. Check your junk or spam email folder.
Emails from 'Email to a friend' do not arrive
using 'send a link to your friends' uses the admin email as the 'from' email. If the admin email is not in the same domain as your store, it fails SPF (most servers these days have SPF turned on to mitigate spam) and most likely the email will not be delivered.
Using gmail or yahoo SMTP does not work
In your gmail or yahoo account try turning on: "allow less secure apps".