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Digital Download Customization

Customization notes on secure digital download add-on.

Download product variables

These are the variables that you need to use to place the secure download links, product description etc in the email.

Description of the product ordered
Filename of the product!!!description!!!
The secure URL of the product
The download size in a friendly format such as 11 KB or
1.23 MB
Expiry time in friendly format or blank if no expiry. (e.g.
24 hours or 2 days etc)
Complete product details including size and link etc.
Inserts a product specific segment of text or html (see
Advanced Features chapter).

General order variables

Mals-e transaction ID

 more to come...

Site contains digital downloads and physical products

Many sites offer digital downloads and tangible products. On the return from an order page, digital products and tangible products can be distinguished by using keyword constants.

<!--knownstart--> and <!--knownend--> delineate digital download products.
<!--unknownstart--> and <!--unknownend--> delineate tangible products.

Here is a very simple example:

<title>Your order from</title>

Thank you for your order, !!!name!!!. Your transaction ID is !!!orderno!!!.<br><br>
You will receive a receipt from Paypal by email.<br><br>
Digital products
!!!product!!! ~<br>
Tangible products
You have ordered products for delivery. These will be shipped as quickly as possible.<br>