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How to do a site wide sale

Posted 27 Nov 2017,  Doug DePrenger

Q: How do I do a site wide sale, such as 10% off everything in the store?

A: One way is to use global updates. For site-wide, all categories would have to be updated individually. Currently, there is no site-wide global update for sale price.

In Advanced > Global Updates, under Global Sale Price Updates you select category, fill in Set To: (say 10), select an option, say 'percent OFF regular price' and click Update Sale Price.

This would, in this example, update the sale price as 10% off regular price for all items in the category that was selected. Note that any existing sale price in the category selected would be overridden.

To set all the prices back to normal (i.e. no sale price), select the same category and select 'remove sale price' option. Anything in Set To: will be ignored, so it can be left blank. Click 'Update Sale Price' and all the sale prices in the selected category will be removed.