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Why a local email address should be your store admin email address

A local email address is one that is associated with the slscart store. For example, if the store's URL is then a local email address might be

Why should a local email address be used for the store administrator?

1. An email coming from the same domain as the store is more credible for clients and email readers.

2. Emails sent from the store's domain are much more likely to arrive. Here is an example of what happens if a public email address, such as yahoo or AOL, is used as a store admin email address:

Our example store is and the store's Admin Email is

A potential customer fills out Contact Us form and sends it. The contact information is put in an email and sent to the Admin Email. It is being sent from

An email consists of a FROM email address and a TO email address. In this case, the TO email address would be  the store admin email address:

The FROM email is the store admin email address, See the problem?

Yahoo receives the email and looks at the FROM email address. It determines that Yahoo did NOT send the email from a Yahoo server and the email is rejected (i.e. Yahoo thinks someone is trying to send a spam email claiming it was sent from Yahoo when, in fact, is was not).

Each public email provider has a set of criteria it uses to determine spam, so some public email addresses may work.

The best way to resolve this dilemma is to use a local email address as your store admin email address.

slscart Alternative

If you still want to use yahoo (or any public email like aol, outlook, ...) as the store admin email, slscart provides a way to do it, though you still need a local email address. The local email address is just used in the FROM email field; the store admin email is used in the Reply To field so if you reply to a contact us email it will work.

I was able to get it to work in slscart by creating an email account on the domain and entering
in that email account in slscart > site settings > alt email and the yahoo account as the Admin Email.

Why does it work?

The email in Alt Email is used as the FROM email address when emails are sent from slscart store (e.g. contact us, forgot password) or slscart

Posted 17 Feb 2017