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How to use the category lower description

Oct 11, 2017 by Doug DePrenger

This article shows how to use the category lower description which first became available in version 10.4.5.

If you look at a category page in the store, it shows what is in the Description: field above the category's items. If you want to show text below the items, use the Lower Description: field.

If the Lower Description: field is to be used, the template insert code %CATEGORY_LOWERDESC% must be put in the template. It is usually placed below the %CONTENT% one. Note the category description is from the %CATEGORY_DESCRIPTION% template insert code and is usually placed just above %CONTENT%.

If you want nothing below the items, leave Lower Description blank and/or leave out %CATEGORY_LOWERDESC%.

If you only want text below the cars, leave Description: blank, fill in  the lower description, and include %CATEGORY_LOWERDESC% in the template.

The feature adds flexibility to the category page.