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How to use the catalog number

Posted 23 Dec 2017,  Doug DePrenger

The ubiquitous catalog number can be a handy tool. It is much like a part number. It allows for easier communication with a customer.

It does not have to be used; however there are a few exceptions See Exceptions under Showing the catalog number.

The catalog number is entered in the product's edit page. It has the prompt Catalog #: It can be more than a number. The valid characters are

Allowable characters for the catalog number are:

Any other characters entered are stripped out. Up to 100 characters can be entered. The characters can be entered in any order.

Catalog numbers need to be hand-entered. There is no auto increment feature.

Showing the catalog number

Display of the catalog number is controlled by the Show Catalog #: setting in Catalog Setup. There are four choices:

Always Show

The catalog number shows up on the site and the Mals shopping cart.

Never Show

The catalog number does not show up anywhere, except if the [%%CATALOGNUM%%] layout insert code is used. See Exceptions.

Site Only

The catalog number shows up everywhere except the Mals shopping cart.

Cart Only

The catalog number only shows up in the Mals shopping cart.


1. The catalog number can be displayed on the product's detail page. It shows up below as: Catalog: CCA3

The detail product layout needs to have the insert code [%%CATALOGNUM%%] in it. The detail page catalog label and number will show up, regardless of the show catalog setting.

As you can see, the catalog number also shows up as #CCA3 before the item name. It will not be shown if Cart Only or Never are chosen for the show catalog setting.

Sample (partial) product detail page

Show catalog number in slscart

2. The catalog number needs to be entered, but it does not have to show up, for sdd (secure digital download) add-on.