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Link to another place instead of a page

Along with the usual pages, such as Contact, Site Map, Home, and Catalog, you can include a link that points to anywhere you want (such as your blog).

Create a new page and put the link as the only entry in the page's Contents. The link will show up in the page navigation site codes, such as %PAGES_VERTICAL%.

For example, if you want to put a link to your blog, along with the other pages, put the link to the blog as the only entry in the page's Contents. The Page Title will be what shows up in the pages listing (e.g. My Blog).

How to get base price and optional items to show up

The first option will always add to the price. So an item with a base price of $10 and the drop down option with attributes:

Option 1:3.00~Option 2:4.00

will show:

Option 1 $13.00
Option 2 $14.00

in the drop down box.

What you can do here is to add a hidden option for your first item. In other words:

Option 1
Name - Hidden Option
Type - Text Box
Active - No
Attributes -

Option 2
Name - Add Some Option
Type - Drop Down
Active - Yes
Attributes - Option 1:3.00~Option 2:4.00

That will show:

Price: $10.00
Option 1 Add $3.00
Option 2 Add $4.00

on the site.

And though I don't believe it would help you here, I wanted to note that a check box as option #1 does not trigger the combo price setting. That's an easy option if you have just one addition.