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Item Reviews

Where to find: E-store > Item Reviews

Item reviews allow you to activate, deactivate or delete reviews for each product in your store. Note that reviews cannot be edited, either by the store administrator or the site visitor. Reviews can only be added through the store.


Search for a specific review by entering the keyword text value in the "Search" box. You can search all fields, or use the drop down box to look for keywords only in the item name, reviewer's name, reviewer's email, the review itself, or your reply.


Select 'Name', 'Item', 'Rating', 'Date' or 'Status' to sort reviews. Click the headings a second time to sort in reverse (Z-A) order.


Disabled reviews will be grayed out. Click the 'on' button to make that review live. It will now be viewed on the site, and the star total will count towards the review star average.

Click 'off' to turn a review off. It will no longer appear on the site, or count towards the star totals. It will also not be permanently deleted; you can turn the review on at a later time.

Click the 'x' button to flag the review for deletion. The review is disabled, and will be permanently deleted the next time you search, sort or view reviews.


To reply to a review, click the 'edit' link in the Reply box under a review. You can edit this reply as often as you'd like.


To contact the person who reviewed the product, click the name of that reviewer. A mail screen will appear, allowing you to email a message.

Item View

Click the item name to view all reviews for that item only. Note that the Average Rating is calculated by averaging active reviews. Inactive reviews or those flagged for deletion will not be included.

Quick Links

Use the action links at the bottom of the page to make global changes to reviews.

Show Reviews

Use the search links at the bottom of the page to view reviews.