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Frequently asked questions about slscart

Q: I have the site up and running but on the Home page it shows some text and then links to the 3 categories under where the text for the site should be.  It's not in my template and I have no idea where to go to get that off so it is just a blank home page for now.  Any thoughts? 

A: It appears if there are no products. Once an active product is added, it should go away.

3. Options don't show in product detail. If show order button is off OR out of stock message exists (i.e. product's oos = Yes or)

5. Set Permissions didn't show up when I did master=y login. A: your master key might be incorrect.

6. Old stuff appears after upgrade. A: clear the browser's cache and restart browser.

Q: Why do some products show up on the catalog home page?

A: Featured products will show up on the catalog home page. If no products are marked as featured, a search bar will show up.

Q: I noticed in the template that %EMAIL_FRIEND% was in there but the email a friend link doesn't show up.

A: Check the setting Administration > Site Settings the Email Link: should not be blank. If you put in Email a Friend, that is what text will show up in the email a friend link.